Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A kitchen sink and counter that has been removed. The moldy, wood studs are left.

Kitchen Mold is All in a Day’s Work

Looking at this photo, this kitchen sink looks like a lost cause. But with the talent and expertise of our restoration technicians, it is all in a day’s work. We removed this entire sink including the cupboards and toe kick. As you can see, the toe kick is saturated with fuzzy, growing mold. We put up a containment in the kitchen, removed every inch of the visible mold and restored this customer’s kitchen. They even enjoyed a little renovation in the process.   

A SERVPRO of Claremont/Montclair technician carefully cutting drywall along a blue tape towards the bottom of the wall.

We Work Fast, But Carefully

Our people are the best at their work. Each restoration specialist has both the training and expertise to do what the other guys do not. Here is a perfect example of one of our technicians carefully measuring some affected drywall. The affected area was carefully measured from the floor up to a foot and a half. Our goal is to always cut clean, straight lines in the drywall. We believe in removing the affected area only; saving you both money and headaches.   

An office with visible water throughout the hallway and a technician extracting in the background.

Commercial Buildings is SERVPRO of Claremont’s Specialty

It may be a watery situation when it comes to ceiling leaks, growing mold and water damage in an office building. Make no mistake that SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair specializes in commercial buildings including offices, restaurants, warehouses and banks. The picture shows one of our water remediation technicians extracting the water out of a dentist office after they experienced the sprinkler system going off.

A water technician's feet walking through a flooded office with a visible SERVPRO green hose to extract.

SERVPRO Claremont Doesn’t Mind Being ‘Knee Deep’ in Water

When water damage emergencies happen, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We go where the mold, ash and category 3 water is and clean, remove and extract every inch of it.   

A green SERVPRO boxtruck and pickup truck parked in front of a wastebin.

SERVPRO Claremont / Montclair VS “The Other Guys”

Extreme damage requires very experienced technicians to take care of your home. As consumers, sometimes we tend to look for the most inexpensive estimate or the cheapest restoration company to get the work done. Keep in mind that just because the prices seems to be great, the results can be really disappointing. We have even experienced scoping affected areas that just became worse from “the other guys’” work. Don’t be fooled when it comes to your home or office. Do the research, see how the reviews are and definitely ask questions.    

An open space where a water heater once was, with leftover insulation, a crooked cut on the drywall and half twisted metal.

Doing Research on the Right Restoration Company

The picture here explains what we see from other restoration companies. As you can see, the insulation has been left in the wall. That is a huge no-no, especially since it has mold growing on it. This space should have been contained. The twisted metal coming out of the wall should have been cut as well.