Recent Before & After Photos

Soot and Water On the Pool House Roof

As we have seen time and time again that gusty winds and fire do not mix well at all. But what happens when rain hits? The aftermath from the flames can be mess... READ MORE

No 'Lounging' On This Ashy Balcony

It is true that each fire accident is unique. That is why they are handled on a case by case basis. Cleaning up the damage from the flames can be tricky, but SE... READ MORE

A Roof and Ceiling On Fire In Claremont

This fire was one of the messiest we had to tackle. After a portable heater got too close to some window curtains, the blaze erupted causing the wall and ceilin... READ MORE

Candle House Fire in Claremont

When we received a frantic call from this homeowner, we immediately left to the scene. We inspected where the incident had happened and assessed what the fire h... READ MORE

Cut! No More Mold For a Claremont Office

Not exactly a picture - perfect scene for this Claremont resident’s home office when a toilet sprung a leak. When the homeowner contacted us, the leak had... READ MORE

A Moldy Montclair, CA Ceiling

It is no fib that mold can be a complete nuisance. After recently moving into this Montclair home, this client smelled something that just “wasn’t r... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Storm Water Under the Floor

There is nothing pretty about the kind of damage a storm can do to your property. When this very worried Claremont resident looked at his floor in horror, he th... READ MORE

Cutting Out the Mold Problem in La Verne

Who would have thought a few storms could cause so much harm. That is what this La Verne homeowner thought too, until she noticed a hole in the roof. The rain t... READ MORE

Water Destroyed Wood Fence Gets an Upgrade

When the recent spring showers came, it did a lot of damage to this Claremont homeowner’s fence. When our storm and water restoration specialists inspecte... READ MORE

A Boatload of Cleaning in Upland, California

It looked like the ship had sank for this boat manufacturer in Upland, California. The company was in the middle of moving to a bigger warehouse, when they expe... READ MORE