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Cleaning Up the Demolition Aftermath

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A technician dressed in a PPE suit cleaning up demoltion. Each technician on our crew has been professionally trained to perform demolition the right way.

This was a big job we took care of after the rains had stopped. The moisture from all the rainfall made the mold grow rapidly, which spread throughout the walls and ceiling. Our professionals cut through a wet wall and discovered that not only was the drywall affected, there was also thick plaster behind it as well. They decided the best tactic was to demolish the wall and make sure all mold was removed in their living space to make sure it didn’t spread anywhere else.

After thoroughly demolishing through the drywall and plaster in not one but two rooms of the house, the next step was to completely clean the area to make sure there was no trace of the work being done. We made sure to clean up every inch of the rooms including dust, dirt, drywall and plaster pieces. We triple checked the area to make sure there wasn’t a spec of debris left by our techs. Our team used commercial grade vacuums to pick up everything that was left over. Even the biggest messes are not match for SERVPRO of Claremont/Montclair.         

A Chino Hills House Fire Cleanup

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

Burned and charred kitchen after a fire. A perfect example of how our technicians clean up after a fire. We needed a wheel barrow to get the bigger pieces of drywall out of the residence.

It may feel overwhelming when a fire starts in your home and your world is turned upside down. When this Chino Hills home went up in flames, the homeowners were devastated. The fire started in the kitchen and began spreading throughout the home, destroying a lot of the drywall and trapping heavy smoke into their clothing, upholstery and carpet. The fire was put out just in time and our team got started right away. We started in the kitchen and thoroughly cleaned every section of the home including the living room, hallway, stairway and entrance.

SERVPRO of Claremont technicians properly disposed of burned materials such insulation, drywall and wood. Our team went through the city, received a permit and rented a trash bin in order to remove them properly. Our team takes the extra steps to make sure your home or business is cleaned properly and is never at risk. Give us a call at 909-399-9057 to get an estimate from us today.    

The Difference Between Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

Two firemen putting out a house fire. One thing is for sure, both smoke detectors and fire alarms save lives each year.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a smoke detector and a fire alarm? Is it the same thing? They both have very important roles in your home and place of business. Today we are demystifying these two life savers and looking at why they should be hanging on everyone’s wall or ceiling.

Smoke Detectors:

As you read on, you will discover that both of these essential gadgets tell its own story in the name. To put it simply, a smoke detector can tell if there is smoke or fire in its earliest stages. This is terrific to have for several reasons including an alarm that goes off at the earliest sign of smoke. This alarm can avoid smoke inhalation for people, which causes more deaths than a fire itself. A smoke detector allows people in the surrounding area to evacuate immediately, hence saving lives. An inexpensive device like this can play a major role in the safety of your workplace and loved ones.

Fire Alarms:

The beauty of fire alarms is that they have the ability to monitor any changes in the environment related to combustion. Just like smoke detectors, fire alarms can sense when smoke is around too. This is where the confusion starts between the two-not only can fire alarms detect smoke, they can also activate the fire sprinkler system and alert the fire department. You will usually find these amazing gadgets in commercial buildings like apartments, high rise buildings and warehouses.

Knowing the difference is very important and can potentially save lives. If a recent fire has caused bad smoke odors in your home or workplace, we can help. Call our office at 909-399-9057 to have one of our technicians visit your home today.

Fire Prevention Tips from SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A fire pit burning with four chairs around it in a backyard. Keep these fire prevention tips in mind, you may just need them one day.

The greatest fire prevention tip you can have for you and your loved ones is having a plan prepared, just in case. Thinking ahead can help avoid fire emergencies with the safety tips below.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Test all smoke alarms once a month to assure it is still active.
  • Changing the batteries in fire detectors should be done every 6 months or when the device begins to chirp. This indicates the battery is running low and needs to be replaced.
  • Have a fire escape plan and discuss it with everyone in the house.
  • Practice the escape plan by doing drills with your loved ones every so often. This can help everyone in the household understand what they need to do in case of an emergency. Remember, practice makes perfect!
  • Be extra careful with candles in the home. Before leaving the room, be sure to blow them out entirely. NEVER leave a candle unattended. If at all possible, consider flameless candles.

In case a fire ever ignites in the home, get as far away from the fire as possible. Call for help from a safe distance. It is NEVER recommended to go back inside under ANY circumstances. If you have recently experienced a fire emergency in your home or place of business, give us a call now at 909-399-9057 so we can help you with what to do next. Our professionals are standing by to give a helping hand.  

Backyard Fires and Safety Tips

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A chair on fire burning almost charred. If not careful, a backyard get-together can end in disaster.

With April here (already!), the sun begins to come out from the clouds and warm up the days. This is the time to enjoy picnics, backyard parties and baby showers with the fire pit that has been put away since before winter. While participating in outdoor events is wonderful, it can also increase the chance of fires. Not to worry! By following these easy steps, you can help prevent any accidents from happening while protecting your family and friends.

Backyard Fire Safety Tips

  • The next backyard bash you host, make sure there is a safety net between your guests and an open flame like a fire pit or a barbeque
  • If your using candles to keep bugs and mosquitoes away, consider placing them in an area that is resistant to the flame
  • Consider battery operated or flameless candles for decoration. They give off a very nice glow!
  • Always have an adult present over a controlled fire
  • Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from open flames

Fore more safety tips on fire prevention or you have recently experienced a fire in the home, reach out to us at 909-399-9057. 

Water Heater Maintenance Tips and Upkeep

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A rusted water heater that has been leaking. Keeping up the maintenance on your water heater will save you time and money.

Our team at SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair always want to help our community out with tips and tricks on upkeeping things around the house and office. Today we have a few tips everyone can benefit from with your water heater.

Turn Power Off

The first rule of thumb – safety is always first. Before doing any maintenance on your water heater, shut the power off at the service panel. Leaking water can possible seep into carpets, flooring, baseboards and walls of your home or office. If this is not treated right away, it will even start to flow throughout the entire structure.

Check Every 3 Months

Maintaining your water heater is the secret. Once every 3 months, drain one gallon of water from the tank. If you have hard water, do this every month to reduce sediment collecting at the bottom of the tank.  

Inspections and Replacements

Another key tip that could potentially save you some dough is to have a water heater technician inspect your water heater once every 2 years. Don’t forget that every 5 years, it is best to replace the anode rod by a certified service technician.

For more information on how we can help with water damage caused by water damage, give us a call at 909-399-9057 or visit us at

Restoring a Furniture Warehouse in City of Industry

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

Two technicians shoveling up ash and debris from a recent fire. Our professionals have year of experience restoring fire damage in commercial buildings.

It can be overwhelming when you see all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your business go up in flames. It was the same for this City of Industry warehouse. Not only did the furniture in this warehouse get damaged from the flames, but so did the loading dock of the building. Our team new their hands were full but knew just what to do. They suited up in their PPE suits and got to work. They did tasks like minor demolition (to knock down the rest of the burned panels), soot and ash cleanup.

The owner of this furniture company was thrilled of the job we did for him. If you have experienced fire damage of any kind, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 909-399-9057.  

Running Water Causing Damage in this Lawyer's Office

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A technician pulling out the carpet padding from an office. Our water damage technicians pulling out carpet and padding from this lawyer’s office to get all the wet un-salvageable material out.

When small amounts of water began to leak through the carpet, this law firm began to get suspicious. As the slow leak continued throughout the day, the staff began to really panic as all the towels in the office would not hold it down. By the time SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair got to the scene, the flood had continued to two more offices.

Our water technicians knew what to do. The water seeped very deep into the carpet including the carpet pad. Unfortunately, we could not save it since the water was sitting for about 24 hours before we were called in. The good news is that carpet and padding is very inexpensive and was a breeze to handle. After pulling out wet carpet, padding, extracting excess water and drying the affected rooms for 4 days, this lawyer’s office was as good as new.     

The Dos and Don’ts of Fire Safety

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A brown house with a burned roof. The aftermath of a fire is even worse than you think. Minimize the amount of movement inside the house, as the soot can seep into your upholstery.

When a fire has wreaked havoc in your home or place of business, it wreaks havoc in your life. SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair is here to make sure this doesn’t happen. If damage has been done from a fire, keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind. These pointers will make things easier for you until we arrive.


  • Keep movement in the home to a minimum. Constant moving will embed soot particles into carpet and upholstery
  • Wash any soot from chrome appliances including faucets and any trip. Then lightly coast these surfaces with a small amount of lubricant.
  • Wash both sides of leaves on all house plants. They most likely have ash on them.


  • Attempt to wash any walls without contacting a SERVPRO expert
  • Attempt to clean or shampoo a carpet until professional help arrives
  • Eat any food or beverages that may have been stored near fire, water or heat – they may be contaminated

Please contact us at 909-399-9057 for more information, we would love to help.

Photo: The aftermath of a fire is even worse than you think. Minimize the amount of movement inside the house, as the soot can seep into your upholstery.

What to Do When Your Business Has Been Vandalized with Graffiti

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

A spray can next to a white mask. If someone has vandalized your business or office, give the experts a call to remove it fast.

Businesses, offices and schools suffer from vandalism every day. It can be a senior high school prank or out of purely intentional mischief. Whatever the reason may be, it decreases the overall look and feel of a business. Not to mention the annoyance of cleaning it up. Our SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair team have a few suggestions to help you out.  


  • Vacuum any glass particles that may have ended up in carpets and upholstery
  • Hose down or wash any egg damage from the building exterior as soon as possible
  • Save any containers with the ingredients of spilled inks, cosmetics and paints
  • Make sure to keep a record of all damage when possible. Pictures work the best because document everything.

Our team is here for your commercial cleaning services. Give us a call at 909-399-9057 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.