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Frozen mud being dug out of an open wall with a silver dust pan by a technician.

Frozen Mud in the Walls

Snow follows rain when living in the mountains. When a mudslide affected several homes in the Big Bear, California area, we were there to help. The mud invaded this home, blocking the garage door and spilling in throughout t the home. Our production manager Dylan even found a lot of the mud in the walls after they removed some of the drywall. It was a big job, but we were able to remove the frozen mud and restore any belongings we could for this customer.   

Mud being carried in an orange wheel barrow out of a garage.

A Muddy Landslide in Snowy Big Bear, California

Storms in Big Bear, California are a whole other ball game with rain. When it rains in the mountains, it becomes frozen. The frozen rain turns into snow and can wreak havoc when it melts. This is the aftermath of a snow storm, as it softened the mud which caused a landslide. This landslide got into this customer’s garage and froze. No sweat for our team that cleaned every inch of the mud out.   

Burned wood, paper and debris. A technician in the far right corner picks up some of the burned debris.

Can Household Cleaning Products Work After a Fire?

Fire accidents happen all the time. Everything from important documents and letters to personal belongings, drywall and insulation can be affected, if it is not destroyed. The science to fire damage restoration is not an easy one. It may seem like an easy clean to some, but it is not. There are things that need to be taken into consideration such as the ash and soot from the fire. Household products are not strong enough to thoroughly clean it. There is more to it when it comes to the air vents. Merely turning on the AC to “air out” the premises may just spread the smoke smell and make it worse.

If you recently just had a fire, please do not hesitate to contact us for tips and our services to assist you through this difficult time.   

A corner of a room showing a burned twin mattress, two pillows and window blinds.

Electrical Fires Can Be the Most Dangerous

As our marketing manager walked up the stairs, she could still smell the electric wires that have been burned to a crisp in the air. This accidental fire happened when the tenant least expected it. While cooking lunch in the kitchen, he smelled something burning. As he followed the smell to his bedroom, he saw a lot of smoke coming from a wall outlet. He called the fire department and evacuated immediately. After the Ontario fire fighters put the flames out, this customer was left with an ashy mess. After the property management company approved of our services, we began cleaning right away

A kitchen sink and counter that has been removed. The moldy, wood studs are left.

Kitchen Mold is All in a Day’s Work

Looking at this photo, this kitchen sink looks like a lost cause. But with the talent and expertise of our restoration technicians, it is all in a day’s work. We removed this entire sink including the cupboards and toe kick. As you can see, the toe kick is saturated with fuzzy, growing mold. We put up a containment in the kitchen, removed every inch of the visible mold and restored this customer’s kitchen. They even enjoyed a little renovation in the process.   

A SERVPRO of Claremont/Montclair technician carefully cutting drywall along a blue tape towards the bottom of the wall.

We Work Fast, But Carefully

Our people are the best at their work. Each restoration specialist has both the training and expertise to do what the other guys do not. Here is a perfect example of one of our technicians carefully measuring some affected drywall. The affected area was carefully measured from the floor up to a foot and a half. Our goal is to always cut clean, straight lines in the drywall. We believe in removing the affected area only; saving you both money and headaches.   

a crawlspace filled with contaminated water. A pipe is floating in the water.

Water Extraction Experts

Extracting water from under a crawlspace may seem like a tough job to do, but our team had it covered. Using our specialty water extraction equipment, our experts quickly removed all water that was found and dried it out. It was a big job, but our experts got it done very quickly.  

Wet and molded drywall cut in a vertical rectangle showing more mold on the other side.

A Sewage Leak Caused Mold

Who knew a pipe leak can do so much damage? An ongoing leak from a crawlspace affected not one but two condo garages. The sewage leak seeped into this garage and began to absorb up the drywall. The category 3 water found its way up the walls. Our team knew what to do and removed all walls including ceiling that was affected.

Two rectangles of visible black mold in the middle of a wall, a rectangular cut towards the ceiling and two missing tiles.

Educating College Professors on Mold

Looking at this wall, it seems like mold quietly began to grow (as it usually does) behind a board. A new professor at a local college was settling into his new office and took a white board off the wall. As soon as he discovered all the mold growing, he immediately reached out to his facilities manager. After discovering this was no match for a maintenance man, he called in his friendly neighborhood SERVPRO®. After a thorough inspection to the office, we got to work right away and removed the affected area of the science building.       

The outside of a burned commercial warehouse with a collapsing roof.

SERVPRO of Claremont Technicians Specialize in Commercial Buildings

Each of our technicians go through tedious trainings and classes to become expert restoration specialists for commercial buildings. We have the right tools and knowledge to restore your office, bank, warehouse and high rise back to its original state. This dismantled warehouse roof may look like a disaster, but to us it is a challenge that we have 10 days or less to restore.

An office with visible water throughout the hallway and a technician extracting in the background.

Commercial Buildings is SERVPRO of Claremont’s Specialty

It may be a watery situation when it comes to ceiling leaks, growing mold and water damage in an office building. Make no mistake that SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair specializes in commercial buildings including offices, restaurants, warehouses and banks. The picture shows one of our water remediation technicians extracting the water out of a dentist office after they experienced the sprinkler system going off.

A water technician's feet walking through a flooded office with a visible SERVPRO green hose to extract.

SERVPRO Claremont Doesn’t Mind Being ‘Knee Deep’ in Water

When water damage emergencies happen, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We go where the mold, ash and category 3 water is and clean, remove and extract every inch of it.   

A green SERVPRO boxtruck and pickup truck parked in front of a wastebin.

SERVPRO Claremont / Montclair VS “The Other Guys”

Extreme damage requires very experienced technicians to take care of your home. As consumers, sometimes we tend to look for the most inexpensive estimate or the cheapest restoration company to get the work done. Keep in mind that just because the prices seems to be great, the results can be really disappointing. We have even experienced scoping affected areas that just became worse from “the other guys’” work. Don’t be fooled when it comes to your home or office. Do the research, see how the reviews are and definitely ask questions.    

An open space where a water heater once was, with leftover insulation, a crooked cut on the drywall and half twisted metal.

Doing Research on the Right Restoration Company

The picture here explains what we see from other restoration companies. As you can see, the insulation has been left in the wall. That is a huge no-no, especially since it has mold growing on it. This space should have been contained. The twisted metal coming out of the wall should have been cut as well.

A beige carpet folded over, showing a red brick floor that is wet.

Rains Create a Flow of Liquid Damage

Sometimes, it is unavailable to keep the heavy rains at bay. Water can seep into your home without anyone noticing for hours. It is vest to give us a call and avoid any further damage to your home or office.

A closeup of a streak of mold growing on a panel.

Common Places of Mold After the Rain

A prime example of what a little rain can do – big damage! It is common to find mold in dark, moist places. This panel was affected by mold. The entire thing had to be removed completely to avoid any further growth of it.   

A square fan burned with the blades missing on top of a stainless steel table.

Dangerous Fire From a Small Fan

The summer days are just around the corner, but this San Gabriel Valley resident really felt the heat. Please be careful when cooling off while you sleep. This portable fan was the cause of a house fire.  

A piece of the ceiling with fire debris around it leaning on a stainless steel cart.

At Your Service During a Stressful Time

Putting ourselves in the shoes of each client is that little extra service you will find from SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair. The homeowner was very stressed out after discovering the damage from the fire. We made sure the damage was "Like it never even happened."

A room with clean studs and a bare floor with no carpet or padding.

They Say Impossible, We Say Repairable

It may look hopeless to repair what looks to be destroyed. This is where the others fall short. We see an opportunity to restore it and make it look like new again.  

A technician inspecting a bare wall with clean studs that has been cleaned from fire damage.

Helping the Claremont Community with Fire Restoration

The professional Claremont team is always up for a challenge, especially if that means helping the community with fire restoration. A typical process of demolishing a wall that has seen better days from a fire.

A water technician extracting water from a restroom with a silver wand and green hose in hand.

An Unpretty Sight in a Montclair Nail Salon

Discovering an unwanted leak is never great for your business. This nail salon in Montclair was up and running in no time after our team completely dried the problem area after a septum tank leak.

a brown carpet neatly folded over to show a red brick floor with dried mud at the doorway.

A Real Estate Company's Watery Foreclosure

The offices of this real estate company experienced a small flood for the mountain area rains. When they opened back up for business, they found a soggy floor and carpet. The company called us just in time to remove the water and stopped further damage from happening.

A ceiling that has been removed due to water damage. A silver air vent and ducts are visible.

April Showers and Old Roofs

April showers are pretty common for those May flowers to bloom, but not ideal for old roofs. The storm water found its way into the attic, causing lots of mold to grow. Towards the end of the job, it was clear that the remediation process worked.

White drywall being demolished with new insulation and wood studs visible.

The Older the Home, the Older the Pipes

If you live in an older house, you are aware that pipes get old and bust. This was no different for a Whittier homeowner, when they found a leak coming from the hallway wall. We get to the root of the problem and remove it, just like we are doing here.

Constant Moisture Does What?

The constant moisture from water will most likely cause mold to begin growing. Here is an example of what our specialists routinely do when mold is found – remove it with little disturbance for the rest of the house.

Common Places of Mold After the Rain

A prime example of what a little rain can do to the panel – big damage!

Small Cracks, Stormy Damages

Moisture from the rain water can cause a lot of damage, especially if they find their way into the small cracks of the home. This closet fell victim to storm water flooding into the home and making its way up the walls. The dry wall of the affected area was completely cut out and professionally removed.

A green dehumidifier drying grey bare floors.

The Power of the Extraction Machines

The home at the end of a cul-de-sac seemed so quaint until we stepped inside of the Whittier home. On this job, they experienced a leak in the restroom of a master bedroom. With the advanced section power of our equipment, the problem was “extracted” immediately.

Mold Quarantine All In a Day's Work

Just a sneak peak in the day of the life of a SERVPRO Claremont / Montclair technician. We take not only our health, but each client’s care into consideration. It is routine to quarantine the sections of the building we are working in. There is a lot of dirt and dust while we work – not to mention mold spores being activated while we remove it from your building.  

Warehouse Flood in Ontario, CA

Water could be found everywhere once you stepped into this flooded commercial building. To prevent even more damage from happening, we worked day in and day out extracting the liquid from the floors with our drying equipment. We made sure there wasn’t a drop left, which earned us a loyal customer.  

Now That Doesn't Look Right...

Did you know that out of a broken 1" pipe, over 110 gallons of water can flow out every-single minute? Always be on the look out, and always know where your main water/gas shut off valves are located!

Crawlspace Demolition

We are ALWAYS ready to handle whatever tasks may come our way. From cleaning blinds and carpets, to removing wet insulation and mold from a crawlspace, we've got you covered!

Personal Protective Equipment

In this photo we have our Production Manager Dylan, and his handy Technician, Juan, getting all suited up and ready to tackle some of that pesky mold. We always have our crew check each others PPE(personal protective equipment) before entering any potentially dangerous environments. Remember, safety comes first.


Here we see one of our Technicians extracting water from a 20,000 sq. ft. commercial warehouse flood. The owner was astonished at how quickly we worked to get his business up and running again.


Here we see our highly trained Production manager Dylan(Who, at the time was just a technician), tearing down a drywall wall. In full HAZMAT attire, making sure safety is always number 1!