Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Frozen mud being dug out of an open wall with a silver dust pan by a technician.

Frozen Mud in the Walls

Snow follows rain when living in the mountains. When a mudslide affected several homes in the Big Bear, California area, we were there to help. The mud invaded this home, blocking the garage door and spilling in throughout t the home. Our production manager Dylan even found a lot of the mud in the walls after they removed some of the drywall. It was a big job, but we were able to remove the frozen mud and restore any belongings we could for this customer.   

Mud being carried in an orange wheel barrow out of a garage.

A Muddy Landslide in Snowy Big Bear, California

Storms in Big Bear, California are a whole other ball game with rain. When it rains in the mountains, it becomes frozen. The frozen rain turns into snow and can wreak havoc when it melts. This is the aftermath of a snow storm, as it softened the mud which caused a landslide. This landslide got into this customer’s garage and froze. No sweat for our team that cleaned every inch of the mud out.   

A beige carpet folded over, showing a red brick floor that is wet.

Rains Create a Flow of Liquid Damage

Sometimes, it is unavailable to keep the heavy rains at bay. Water can seep into your home without anyone noticing for hours. It is vest to give us a call and avoid any further damage to your home or office.

A closeup of a streak of mold growing on a panel.

Common Places of Mold After the Rain

A prime example of what a little rain can do – big damage! It is common to find mold in dark, moist places. This panel was affected by mold. The entire thing had to be removed completely to avoid any further growth of it.   

Common Places of Mold After the Rain

A prime example of what a little rain can do to the panel – big damage!

Small Cracks, Stormy Damages

Moisture from the rain water can cause a lot of damage, especially if they find their way into the small cracks of the home. This closet fell victim to storm water flooding into the home and making its way up the walls. The dry wall of the affected area was completely cut out and professionally removed.

A green dehumidifier drying grey bare floors.

The Power of the Extraction Machines

The home at the end of a cul-de-sac seemed so quaint until we stepped inside of the Whittier home. On this job, they experienced a leak in the restroom of a master bedroom. With the advanced section power of our equipment, the problem was “extracted” immediately.