Water Damage Photo Gallery

a crawlspace filled with contaminated water. A pipe is floating in the water.

Water Extraction Experts

Extracting water from under a crawlspace may seem like a tough job to do, but our team had it covered. Using our specialty water extraction equipment, our experts quickly removed all water that was found and dried it out. It was a big job, but our experts got it done very quickly.  

Wet and molded drywall cut in a vertical rectangle showing more mold on the other side.

A Sewage Leak Caused Mold

Who knew a pipe leak can do so much damage? An ongoing leak from a crawlspace affected not one but two condo garages. The sewage leak seeped into this garage and began to absorb up the drywall. The category 3 water found its way up the walls. Our team knew what to do and removed all walls including ceiling that was affected.

A ceiling that has been removed due to water damage. A silver air vent and ducts are visible.

April Showers and Old Roofs

April showers are pretty common for those May flowers to bloom, but not ideal for old roofs. The storm water found its way into the attic, causing lots of mold to grow. Towards the end of the job, it was clear that the remediation process worked.

White drywall being demolished with new insulation and wood studs visible.

The Older the Home, the Older the Pipes

If you live in an older house, you are aware that pipes get old and bust. This was no different for a Whittier homeowner, when they found a leak coming from the hallway wall. We get to the root of the problem and remove it, just like we are doing here.

Constant Moisture Does What?

The constant moisture from water will most likely cause mold to begin growing. Here is an example of what our specialists routinely do when mold is found – remove it with little disturbance for the rest of the house.

Now That Doesn't Look Right...

Did you know that out of a broken 1" pipe, over 110 gallons of water can flow out every-single minute? Always be on the look out, and always know where your main water/gas shut off valves are located!