Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Quarantine All In a Day's Work

Just a sneak peak in the day of the life of a SERVPRO Claremont / Montclair technician. We take not only our health, but each client’s care into consideration. It is routine to quarantine the sections of the building we are working in. There is a lot of dirt and dust while we work – not to mention mold spores being activated while we remove it from your building.  

Crawlspace Demolition

We are ALWAYS ready to handle whatever tasks may come our way. From cleaning blinds and carpets, to removing wet insulation and mold from a crawlspace, we've got you covered!

Personal Protective Equipment

In this photo we have our Production Manager Dylan, and his handy Technician, Juan, getting all suited up and ready to tackle some of that pesky mold. We always have our crew check each others PPE(personal protective equipment) before entering any potentially dangerous environments. Remember, safety comes first.


Here we see our highly trained Production manager Dylan(Who, at the time was just a technician), tearing down a drywall wall. In full HAZMAT attire, making sure safety is always number 1!