Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Burned wood, paper and debris. A technician in the far right corner picks up some of the burned debris.

Can Household Cleaning Products Work After a Fire?

Fire accidents happen all the time. Everything from important documents and letters to personal belongings, drywall and insulation can be affected, if it is not destroyed. The science to fire damage restoration is not an easy one. It may seem like an easy clean to some, but it is not. There are things that need to be taken into consideration such as the ash and soot from the fire. Household products are not strong enough to thoroughly clean it. There is more to it when it comes to the air vents. Merely turning on the AC to “air out” the premises may just spread the smoke smell and make it worse.

If you recently just had a fire, please do not hesitate to contact us for tips and our services to assist you through this difficult time.   

A corner of a room showing a burned twin mattress, two pillows and window blinds.

Electrical Fires Can Be the Most Dangerous

As our marketing manager walked up the stairs, she could still smell the electric wires that have been burned to a crisp in the air. This accidental fire happened when the tenant least expected it. While cooking lunch in the kitchen, he smelled something burning. As he followed the smell to his bedroom, he saw a lot of smoke coming from a wall outlet. He called the fire department and evacuated immediately. After the Ontario fire fighters put the flames out, this customer was left with an ashy mess. After the property management company approved of our services, we began cleaning right away

A square fan burned with the blades missing on top of a stainless steel table.

Dangerous Fire From a Small Fan

The summer days are just around the corner, but this San Gabriel Valley resident really felt the heat. Please be careful when cooling off while you sleep. This portable fan was the cause of a house fire.  

A piece of the ceiling with fire debris around it leaning on a stainless steel cart.

At Your Service During a Stressful Time

Putting ourselves in the shoes of each client is that little extra service you will find from SERVPRO of Claremont / Montclair. The homeowner was very stressed out after discovering the damage from the fire. We made sure the damage was "Like it never even happened."

A room with clean studs and a bare floor with no carpet or padding.

They Say Impossible, We Say Repairable

It may look hopeless to repair what looks to be destroyed. This is where the others fall short. We see an opportunity to restore it and make it look like new again.  

A technician inspecting a bare wall with clean studs that has been cleaned from fire damage.

Helping the Claremont Community with Fire Restoration

The professional Claremont team is always up for a challenge, especially if that means helping the community with fire restoration. A typical process of demolishing a wall that has seen better days from a fire.