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Storm Damage Testimonials

Thank you so much for everything - I will recommend SERVPRO of Claremont/Montclair.

I had water damage in my home and SERVPRO was there to help me through it. It was a very stressful time for my husband and I as we had just bought our home, but Mike and Sue (the owners) assured me that their team will take care of everything, and they did just that! SERVPRO was at my house an hour after I called to scope out the damages. Not only did they do the demo, but they are also contractors so they were able to do the repair and the reconstruction.  They offer a variety of other services and I highly recommend them for any emergencies you may have in your home. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would.

Our experience with your SERVPRO staff could not have been better! Professional, knowledgeable and courteous-made all the difference! Thank you!

At the end of last year, our community of Montecito was hit with back-to-back disasters. We suffered a massive fire, which was followed by rainfall, that later lead to horrendous flooding and mudslides. Having been new to the area, my family had never dealt or seen anything like it before. We had to evacuate two different times, and temporarily move into a hotel.

Both times we came back to our home, it was an absolute mess. The first time we came back, it was after the fire and ash had covered our entire roof, driveway, and patio areas. Everything had a black hue on it, and the smell of smoke was still extremely potent in the air. We then called SERVPRO (having seen their bright green trucks drive all over town) to come sweep, vacuum, clean, and finally pressure-wash our entire home, top-to-bottom. Sue and her team did an absolute amazing job and left my home as clean as it could be (given the conditions).

Just as we thought the disaster was over, and was starting to move back into our home, the rainfall began. Our house had been jeopardized and we were asked to evacuate once again.

After the rainfall had passed, the flooding receded, and the streets were (mainly) cleared of mud, we were allowed access back into our home. Once again, we had no clue what to expect and when we arrived at our home, mud had covered half of our drive-way, the sidewalk in font our home, and piled up on the street.

By the next day after contacting Sue from SERVPRO, she already had her team stocked with shovels and wheel barrels, shoveling dirt out of my driveway. Within a few hours of arrival, my driveway and sidewalk was cleared of all mud and debris. They helped my family and I get through two different disasters and did it in a timely matter. I would, 10/10, highly recommend them to ANY of my friends and neighbors.

I want to take a second and post a great review about this business. they are right on time and share every detail of what is going on with the job. So professional!

Quick to respond

Wonderful service and a fast response, could not ask for anything better!